Happy New year 2020!

New year new blog!
I have not blogged here in a few years and so much of life has changed in that time. I decided to give it a whole new start. I am looking forward to a year full of reading, writing and meeting new friends. I have plans to join some reading challenges, Read-a-thons, book clubs, and just have as much bookish fun as I possibly can.

I pretty much read only mysteries, and try to get in a business/personal growth related book every so often. This year I have decided to be more intentional about my reading and create a goal to read more non-mystery books.  My plan is 10 books a month. 2 Classics, 2 Non-Fiction, 1 Non-Mystery Fiction, 5 Mystery novels. Majority of my reading is done via audio-books so another goal is to read at least 1 paper or kindle books each month. I miss being able to sit down with a good paper book and just letting the world fade away. I am however super thankful for audio-books. I can, and do listen to them while going about my day.

I may not review all that I read this year, but we shall see. In the past I have done mostly reviews, and book tours. I am going to get away from that this time around, and incorporate other kinds of post as well.

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